Investment Opportunity

We are happy to announce that TzBake is accepting investments for its delegation bond fund.
The investment will directly go to our delegation account which allows us to absorb more delegation funds and generate more revenue.
It is an unique opportunity for investors who would like to participate in Tezos baking business and earn more profit rather than just delegating their tokens.

We offer very attractive terms for our investors as follows :
  • We bake your own investment for 0% fee and you get all the rewards (baking+endorsement+fees).
  • You would get 50% of the revenue which is earned by baking the absorbed fund into our delegation account.
  • Investing your tokens instead of delegating them increases your revenue by a factor of 2.1x
  • The minimum amount of Tezos required is 1000XTZ
  • There would be no hidden fees and we pay all operational costs from our 50% share.

  • What is the difference between delegating and investing my tokens ?
    Technically speaking, by delegating your tokens, they are still in your own account and only baking rights are delegated. But in order to invest them in TzBake, they should be transferred to TzBake delegate account. If you want them back, you should request a withdrawal from TzBake.
    Financially speaking, invested tokens increase their profit by an effective factor of 2.1x
  • What are the risks involved investing my tokens ?
    The risks are the same as depositing your tokens on an exchange. The difference is that your tokens are considered an investment here and you get paid for it.
  • Do you have the required skills to run this business ?
    Here is the CV of the founder and manager of TzBake:
    – Master’s degree in Information Technology.
    – 15 years of experience in financial markets including stocks and forex.
    – 20 years of experience in system and network management.
    – System administrator of a reputable cloud company
    – Involved in Crypto from 2011
    So we actually believe we are over-qualified.
  • How can I trust you ? Are you providing any legal binding contracts ?
    The current laws do not allow us to provide any legal binding contracts. It requires us to get financial licenses requiring millions of dollars in costs.
    You should trust us based on our business model and reputation, if you are unable to do that. Probably you are not certified to do investments in crypto space and we recommend you to delegate your funds.
  • How can I withdraw my funds ?
    Your funds will be used to bake delegated tokens which means they would be frozen for 5 cycles (15 days). We guarantee to process your withdrawal request after this time frame. Please note that for security reasons, the tokens will ONLY be transferred back to the account which they came from. If you need them to be transferred to another account, we shall need extra verification.
  • I want to see some real numbers ?
    You can view a real investment report by clicking here.
  • I have more questions, How can I contact you ?
    You can use our website live chat or contact us by email
  • I want to invest in your program, how should I apply ?
    Transfer your tokens to this address:
    And fill this form: Investment Application