TZBake provides a safe, secure and affordable delegation service for Tezos holders to share in the benefits of Tezos’s Proof of Stake protocol. By delegating your Tezos holdings to TZBake, you would earn interest on your tezzies while keeping full control of your private keys and avoiding the complexity of running a Tezos node 24×7 in a safe and secure environment.
What is the deal ?
We pay you back 86% of all of our revenue streams including baking, endorsement and operation fees. 14% goes to TZBake and investors for providing the bond and required infrastructure.
How it works ?
Very simple! Delegate the desired amount of your tezzies to our delegation address and we will send back your profits to the same account which you delegated your tezzies from.

Low Service Fee
Pay less and earn more with our fair and affordable service fee.
Our current service fee is 14%.
Risk Free
We pay 100% of the required bond for baking and you are in total control of your sweet tezzies.
No registration or personal information required. Delegate the tezzies and we are good to go !

Unique investment opportunity available
We are accepting investments for our delegation bond fund. It generates 1.7x more revenue in comparison to normal delegation. For more information click here.
Our delegation capacity is temporarily full
Currently we are not accepting any new delegations in order to protect our current deleguees and prevent over delegation.
We are in process of acquiring more bonds. If you would like to be notified when delegation is open again, subscribe to our newsletter below.

TZBake Delegation Address: Visit on tzscan.io

deleguee contract address:

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